Six tips to ready your crowdfunding campaign for expansion into the Japanese market

So your company just successfully funded its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Congratulations! Maybe you’ve already started manufacturing of your product or even sales to consumers. Now’s the time to look into expanding to the Japanese market. If you want to succeed, you’re going to want to avoid the mistakes of companies that have come before you. You also should follow these six tips on how to best prepare your entry strategy into Japan. 1) Do your research The first step any company should take before stepping foot in Japan is substantial market research. This means understanding your sector in Japan, the existing competitors, and the needs of Japanese…


Spotlight on the AI Market in Japan

One of the most promising tech trends of the near future is AI, or Artificial Intelligence. Definitions of what exactly AI is varies, but generally the term refers to computer systems’ technologies that are able to perform functions that replicate human intelligence and thought. As research and development of AI technology grows stronger, companies are constantly finding new potential applications, but also face the risks of overly intelligent machines that have long been the subject of dystopian sci-fi films. The U.S. and China are seen as the two leading countries for AI technology and development. The U.S. leads the development side with over 1,000 AI-related companies including Google, Amazon, Microsoft,…


Mistakes that big brands made when entering Japan

If your company decides that it wants to enter the Japanese market, that’s great news! You’ve taken the first step towards expanding your business and seeing success in Japan. However, before going forward, it is important to be aware of the traps and pitfalls of previous Japanese market entry strategies. There have been many giant global brands that tried to take on Japan and failed. Some wait for many years and try again successfully, while others remain notably absent in the minds of Japanese consumers. Here are some of the reasons for the failure of large companies’ entry into Japan. Consumer mistrust and lack of confidence One of the many…


Our Top 5 Best Selling Products and What You Can Learn About the Japanese Market

Since Gloture launched in 2015, we have released a large number of products on our Japanese e-commerce website, allowing Japanese consumers to enjoy a variety of the latest gadgets, accessories and lifestyle items from across the world that have been made possible with crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Naturally, some products are more successful than others. Our best performing items are those that effectively cater to Japanese people’s interests, improve their lives, offer innovative and unique products, that are well-designed, simple and WORK. To best illustrate these points, this post will look at Gloture’s five best-performing products from our e-commerce site and explain what each product does right, and what…


Obstacles To Doing Business In Japan

Any discussion on business obstacles in Japan must be entrenched in the basic understanding of the country’s corporate governance system, the culture, and the language. If you are looking to do business in Japan, here are some of the challenges and obstacles of doing business in Japan.   Language and Culture Most global organizations face real challenges in reaching their business goals in Japan due to the lack of understanding of the Japanese language and culture. Japan is undoubtedly seen from abroad as a country with safe and clean cities, where dynamic global companies can emerge and thrive. However, Japan is a country with unique formal and informal communication rules….


Company Culture Contrasts You’ll Find in Japan

Business practices and company culture are an ever evolving process. They adjust and shift based on surrounding factors and circumstances. Business strategies implemented under these difference circumstances all have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Japanese business culture is uniquely fascinating in how it differs from most western businesses. Their model tends to work well for them, but can be dumbfounding to those outside of the country. It’s nowhere near perfect, but understanding it can help you when doing business there. Let’s look at a few noteworthy differences in business culture found in Japan.   Gender Roles Expectations in Japan In 2012, the Global Gender Gap ranked Japan 101st…