Marketing in Japan

Make A Big Splash In The Japanese Market With A Press Conference

Why Are Press Conferences Important? A press conference allows an organization to make large, or important announcements directly to any journalists in attendance. Journalists also have the chance to interact with executives from the organization directly and get an immediate answer to their questions (if they get the chance to ask). Since the only other option for these journalists is to set up an appointment to get an interview individually, a press conference is beneficial for both parties. The timing of your press conference is important. Is there any other press conferences being done around the time of yours? If there is, even if this press conference is for an…


Japanese Influencers for Digital Marketing

The market is filled with companies trying to get the general public to buy their products and services over the competitors. How do you separate yourself from the rest? You have to figure out how to influence your audience that you are better than the rest. So how do you get your message out to thousands of people? If you are not already a large company with a large following on social media, it will be hard to achieve. Never Fear, For Influencers Are Here! Who and what are influencers? With the growth of social media use, the term “influencers” is being seen used more frequently by people with a…

Crowdfunding in Japan

Campfire, Japan’s Largest Crowdfunding Platform – Is it for Me?

As we all know, crowdfunding is the means to finance a project using large groups of people, rather than a handful of loans or investors. Particularly in Japan, crowdfunding continues to grows in popularity. Considered the largest Japanese crowdfunding site, Campfire boasts an impressive number of successfully funded campaigns. But, how much money were those campaigns able to raise? How many campaigns were not able to reach their goals? And, what does all of this actually mean for the campaign runner?   SUCCESS RATE First, let’s look at the percentage of successful campaign run on Campfire. The site doesn’t directly share the success rate of projects run on their platform….

Crowdfunding in Japan

Crowdfunding Success Rates in Japan

Have an idea you know people will love? Don’t have the startup capital to start your idea? Then you should crowdfund that idea, most people would say. You get to show the world your concept, and accrue the funds necessary to realize that concept without having to worry about bank loans or investor demands. But what are your chances at actually succeeding, and fully funding your project? The short answer: 30%. Roughly two-thirds of projects fail to get funding! But, is this true around the world? Let’s take a quick look, comparing two of the world’s largest economic powerhouses.   America American crowdfunding allows global ventures, attracting investors and drafters…

Marketing in Japan

Are You Planning On Expanding Your Business Base? How About Japan?

Japan has been the world’s third-largest economy and 20 million Internet users and 50 million mobile phone users; Japan has a lot to offer for international businesses. Japan holds or represents 10% of the world’s economy and has an e-commerce sale that reached $120 billion in 2017. The future of e-commerce sale opportunities in Japan are increasing. Japan has a strong population of middle-class consumers that embrace new technologies and have a high disposable income; which is why Japan is suitable for international businesses offering premium goods or services or innovative solutions that are digitally focused. So, if you are planning to expand into Japan, we have listed below some…