How to Successfully Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign in Japan

Choosing crowdfunding as a way to raise funds has many benefits, you can achieve a lot without asking a lender to back you. But the fear of failure prevents many entrepreneurs to jump in at the deep end. Is it your case? This is why we gathered the best tips to successfully promote your campaign.  Advertise Your Product Using SNS Social media networks take a bigger and bigger place over the years, in Japan like in the rest of the world. Check out what platforms are popular among Japanese, and let’s get started. The main point when using SNS for a crowdfunding campaign is to generate enthusiasm and confidence in…

Crowdfunding in Japan

Reward-Based Crowdfunding in Japan: Pros, Cons & Tips

Reward-based crowdfunding attracts many investors as many entrepreneurs, not without reason. The volume raised through this type of crowdfunding in 2016 was estimated at USD 2.08 billion in Asia-Pacific  (The 2nd Asia Pacific region alternative finance industry report, 2017). It is a good opportunity for backers to have goods or services at a discounted price, before everyone and/or limited editions. To know what a project initiator can achieve through crowdfunding in Japan, click here! Types of reward For this model, there are three types of reward: Pre-order: the initiator offers his product before its release. Service: the initiator offers a service in exchange for the money raised. Recognition: the initiator thanks his…

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New Channel For Selling Your Kickstarter & Indiegogo Hits Products in Japan

If your products are successful at the international level on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, it can be successful in Japan too. But to enter the Japanese market, you need knowledge, you need to master the Japanese language or to hire people who do. You need a good advertising campaign which matches people’s expectations, values and ideals. This is where we can help. We offer Crowdfunding Support and PR (Public Relation) & Digital Marketing Services, all under one roof. Also, we offer to launch your product on our e-commerce website, without any upfront fee. There is no initial cost, we support your project and we promote it in Japanese. Why us? Whether…


Crowdfunding: How to Succeed & Why Many Have Failed

Launching a crowdfunding campaign seems attractive, but do not rush: it is essential to know how it works and how to succeed. You might regret your mistakes, especially if you strongly believed in your project. If you are curious to see what kinds of products are successfully funded in Japan and what can be the results, check out our article here. Attract Supporters To reach your goal, you want to attract the maximum of supporters, or to attract big investors (‘angel investors’): it is important to know what they are looking for. But first, you need to find a catchy title and describe your project in detail. If possible or…

Crowdfunding in Japan

What You Can Achieve Through Crowdfunding in Japan

Expanding a customer community, launching a product for a lower price, customers themselves supporting the project, etc. Crowdfunding has so many advantages that it would be hard to list them all, so today we will focus on why it is a good opportunity to seize, why it is gaining in popularity in the world and in Japan, and what kinds of product are successful in 2020. What Is the Crowdfunding? Crowdfunding, as indicated in its designation, is the idea that the “crowd” participates in raising “fund” for a project. Investopedia defined it as “the use of small amounts of capital from a large number of individuals (called backers) to finance…

Crowdfunding in Japan

Campfire, Japan’s Largest Crowdfunding Platform – Is it for Me?

As we all know, crowdfunding is the means to finance a project using large groups of people, rather than a handful of loans or investors. Particularly in Japan, crowdfunding continues to grows in popularity. Considered the largest Japanese crowdfunding site, Campfire boasts an impressive number of successfully funded campaigns. But, how much money were those campaigns able to raise? How many campaigns were not able to reach their goals? And, what does all of this actually mean for the campaign runner?   SUCCESS RATE First, let’s look at the percentage of successful campaign run on Campfire. The site doesn’t directly share the success rate of projects run on their platform….

Crowdfunding in Japan

Crowdfunding Success Rates in Japan

Have an idea you know people will love? Don’t have the startup capital to start your idea? Then you should crowdfund that idea, most people would say. You get to show the world your concept, and accrue the funds necessary to realize that concept without having to worry about bank loans or investor demands. But what are your chances at actually succeeding, and fully funding your project? The short answer: 30%. Roughly two-thirds of projects fail to get funding! But, is this true around the world? Let’s take a quick look, comparing two of the world’s largest economic powerhouses.   America American crowdfunding allows global ventures, attracting investors and drafters…