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How to Use Hashtags on Social Media in Japan

Hashtags are extremely useful to attract new followers, so potential new customers. Nowadays, you cannot find success without creating an account on (the right) social media networks and without knowing how to get new followers. So let’s get right into this! What Is a Hashtag? “Hashtag” is the name of the hash symbol # and is mainly used to classify or categorize posts on social media. Someone who is looking for posts on a specific subject (technology, an event, a person, etc.) will find many by adding this symbol before keywords (#tech, #olympics, #trump, etc.). If he/she doesn’t choose popular keywords, however, he/she won’t find anything very interesting. This is…


Japanese Influencers for Digital Marketing

The market is filled with companies trying to get the general public to buy their products and services over the competitors. How do you separate yourself from the rest? You have to figure out how to influence your audience that you are better than the rest. So how do you get your message out to thousands of people? If you are not already a large company with a large following on social media, it will be hard to achieve. Never Fear, For Influencers Are Here! Who and what are influencers? With the growth of social media use, the term “influencers” is being seen used more frequently by people with a…

Marketing in Japan

What You Need to Know About Digital Marketing in Japan

Even though digital marketing is a recent concept compared to other forms of marketing, it became an essential element for companies to attract customers. The number of Internet users increases every day, as the time spent in front of a screen. Still, digital marketing is not well developed in Japan, unlike in Europe or in America. It is certainly in progress, but Japan does not catch up its late, and here is the reason why. What Is Digital Marketing? First, digital marketing includes all forms of online strategy to reach brand awareness and increase the number of customers. Marketers use emails, social media, search engines, videos, websites, applications, etc. in…