Japanese market

Startup Opportunities in Japan

Entering the Japanese Market for a French Startup

Japan seems to be a country far from France both geographically and culturally. The differences between the two countries can put a stop to one’s ambition to enter the Japanese market. From the way people eat to the way people trade, there are a lot to learn and to integrate. Still, there are many good reasons to do business in Japan. First, the population represents almost 2% of the total world population (in 2020), with more than 126 million people, including foreign residents. There are also a lot of strategic and cost advantages, like being able to set up a business entity relatively quickly, added to the fact that the…

Marketing in Japan

Understanding Japanese Consumers and Their Technological Interests

According to the World Bank, Japan is ranked as the third largest economy in the world. If you are a technology company trying to enter the Japanese market, there are some things you need to understand before you begin. Even the most successful companies, such as Apple, had difficulty penetrating through the Japanese market with their products at first. Japanese consumers are known to be very selective with high expectations. We will discuss below some of the many things they look for in a tech product.   Details As more and more Japanese consumers actively search for the most unique tech products, it is important for your product design to not only…

Crowdfunding in Japan

Want to Enter The Japanese Market With Free PR Service?

If you are a product maker who have set your sight on expanding to the Japanese market, there are 2 important steps that will help reaching your goal: Being connected to the Japanese consumers Having your product featuring on the Japanese local media How can you achieve this easily? We are Gloture – a Japanese crowdfunding agency, experienced in supporting oversea campaigns to be launched in Japan. At the end of 2018, we developed our own E-commerce platform! We are particularly interested in quality gadgets and life-hack items, targetting the 25-45 years old people in the prime period of their life who have interest in improving their lifestyle. So, how can…