Improved Facial Recognition: Should You Be Scared or Happy?

Facial recognition technology has spread rapidly in Japan as in the rest of the world. You can unlock your smartphone, tablet or computer with your facial features, but it does not stop there. Companies and governments benefit from this new technology too. But will it lead to mass surveillance? Let’s review the situation. How Does Facial Recognition Work? Of course, it’s not specific to Japan. But if you are new to this technology, here is a simple explanation of how it works. Facial recognition was developed to improve safety – but it does not improve privacy, unfortunately. It is also more convenient, so most smartphones are nowadays equipped with a…


Cybersecurity in Japan: Essential But Not Effective – Yet

Japan counts 117.6 million Internet users and more than a hundred thousand of cybercrime cases every year. Attacks are becoming more frequent but also more effective and destructive. Many types of criminal activities exist: hacking, phishing, denial-of-service attack, infection with malware, identity fraud, electronic theft, etc. Even though Japan is known as a technology and innovation leader, it remains late in cybersecurity. Why is it so? Let’s review the situation. Why Cybersecurity is Essential Cyberthreats should not be taken lightly since personal and financial data can be stolen, causing damage to a brand’s reputation at the same time. The number of cases is increasing every year as the world becomes…