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Why Is the Japanese Management System Praised

The Japanese management system is (or was) celebrated by many and is presented as the best system that must be followed by the Western countries. Even though it is changing, you can still see this management style in execution in Japanese companies. If you are interested in working in Japan or with Japanese, note that you should learn their ways of doing as many of them don’t know about other countries’ systems or prefer respecting theirs. Let’s get a closer look at what made this system famous (both positively and negatively). Main Features Lifetime Employment  Traditionally, someone is hired for life and trained by the company. Colleagues and bosses are…

Work in Japan

What Japanese Think of Foreigners Working in Japan

Because of its aging population, Japan is trying to attract more foreigners as a workforce. In 2019, 1.7 million immigrants were living in Japan, but it was not enough: the government revised laws to bring in more talents. Even though foreigners are needed, however, the archipelago remains a country where collectivism and homogeneity reign supreme. If you want to work in Japan, you will have to follow its tacit rules and understand its culture. What It Is Like to Work in Japan First, you have to understand how Japanese companies work and what the typical mindset is. Unlike in the West, the word ‘company’ implies more a whole than many…

Work in Japan

How to Make the Perfect Japanese Business Card

As we know, business cards are a must-have when doing business in Japan or with Japanese. The exchange of business cards (meishi koukan 名刺交換) is a tradition and it is essential to know its inner working. Sure, you need to always have some with you, but the first step is and will always be to have printed your cards. So what do you have to include on it, or not include? What are the basics and common sense concerning business cards? Essential Information Your Full Name: on the Japanese side, write your name in katakana. People will be embarrassed if they don’t know how to pronounce it correctly and have to be…