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Crowdfunding in Japan

Reward-Based Crowdfunding in Japan: Pros, Cons & Tips

Reward-based crowdfunding attracts many investors as many entrepreneurs, not without reason. The volume raised through this type of crowdfunding in 2016 was estimated at USD 2.08 billion in Asia-Pacific  (The 2nd Asia Pacific region alternative finance industry report, 2017). It is a good opportunity for backers to have goods or services at a discounted price, before everyone and/or limited editions. To know what a project initiator can achieve through crowdfunding in Japan, click here! Types of reward For this model, there are three types of reward: Pre-order: the initiator offers his product before its release. Service: the initiator offers a service in exchange for the money raised. Recognition: the initiator thanks his…


Set Up A Branch in Japan: Pros And Cons

Before setting a branch in Japan, you should be aware of the business culture there. Japanese people are notoriously hardworking. This is one of the many explanations why they have such high economic growth and are more advanced than other countries. However, the work culture of a Japanese white-collared worker is known for their long work hours, and there have been cases of employees literally being worked to death (called karōshi). Still, stories like this should not scare you away from pursuing a career in Japan. There are many opportunities for foreigners there and the Japanese government is making an effort to decrease its ridiculous long work hours. Cons Long…