Automotive Industry: When Japan Drives Us to the Future

If you have ever done some Great Tokyo walks, you must have seen amazing and very expensive cars in abundance. Because Japan is known for its advances in technology, it is not surprising that cars are becoming more connected and more futuristic. High-performance cars are flourishing since the 2000s, with companies like Toyota, Honda or Nissan, but also Mitsubishi, Mazda, Subaru, Nexus, etc. Those companies surprised us with more design and developed vehicles, and they will not stop there. So what does the automotive industry look like today and what will it look like in the future? The Japanese Automotive Industry The best Japanese automotive companies are known globally, and…


How the Coronavirus Pandemic Impacts Japanese Companies

As of March 23th, 2020, the coronavirus infected more than 337,553 people and killed 14,654 of them. In the archipelago, 14,654 cases and 41 deaths were reported, which makes people wonder if the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will start as scheduled. Unlike people in many countries, the Japanese are not locked up, even though some restrictions are set. They can go out as much as they want but the government asks companies to implement teleworking. So how does Japan, a country where it is valued to spend never-ending hours at work and to build relationships during drinking parties (nomikai), deal with this crisis? Companies Opt for Teleworking Both the government and…