Marketing in Japan

How to Have Your Business Succeed in Japan

Japan is the third largest world economy, behind the United States and China. It has a sizeable population and a ready market, as well as other factors ready and available to help a business grow. However, Japan has been classified as one of the most difficult places to establish a business and succeed, when compared to other industrialized nations. Despite this, many companies have seen huge successes in the Japanese market. The truth of the matter is that setting up a business in Japan, as with most countries, requires significant up-front work. Starting a business in Japan isn’t difficult and does not require huge startup costs. If you have a…


Crowdfunding: How to Succeed & Why Many Have Failed

Launching a crowdfunding campaign seems attractive, but do not rush: it is essential to know how it works and how to succeed. You might regret your mistakes, especially if you strongly believed in your project. If you are curious to see what kinds of products are successfully funded in Japan and what can be the results, check out our article here. Attract Supporters To reach your goal, you want to attract the maximum of supporters, or to attract big investors (‘angel investors’): it is important to know what they are looking for. But first, you need to find a catchy title and describe your project in detail. If possible or…

Marketing in Japan

Tips for a Successful Advertising Campaign in Japan

You gathered information about the Japanese market and created the perfect product? Now, you have to find the best advertising campaign to make it known and to make people buy it. Simply transposing the traditional Western model is not a good idea, so you have to either create a new campaign or adjust your global campaign. But do not worry, here are some tips to success in your project. Advertisements on TV and Outdoor   Yes, Japanese advertisements are known to be “funny”, “weird”, or irrelevant. Still, there is some logic behind them. In America, ads are supposed to be straight to the point and to focus on the product…