Marketing in Japan

YouTube Marketing in Japan: Tips & Tricks

Do you think your audience is not on YouTube? Let me tell you that you are wrong. More than 2 billion users watch or upload videos, which represents almost 1/3 of the Internet. 95% of the world’s population can create an account since it is accessible in 80 different languages and 100 countries. But what about Japan specifically?  YouTube in Japan: Data YouTube was launched in Japan in 2007. A decade later, it had a penetration rate of over 90% among Japanese aged 13 to 29 years old (2019, Statista). However, the rate was 41% for people in their 60s – which is almost half of them, when we think…


Japanese Influencers for Digital Marketing

The market is filled with companies trying to get the general public to buy their products and services over the competitors. How do you separate yourself from the rest? You have to figure out how to influence your audience that you are better than the rest. So how do you get your message out to thousands of people? If you are not already a large company with a large following on social media, it will be hard to achieve. Never Fear, For Influencers Are Here! Who and what are influencers? With the growth of social media use, the term “influencers” is being seen used more frequently by people with a…