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Spotlight on the AI Market in Japan

One of the most promising tech trends of the near future is AI, or Artificial Intelligence. Definitions of what exactly AI is varies, but generally the term refers to computer systems’ technologies that are able to perform functions that replicate human intelligence and thought. As research and development of AI technology grows stronger, companies are constantly finding new potential applications, but also face the risks of overly intelligent machines that have long been the subject of dystopian sci-fi films. The U.S. and China are seen as the two leading countries for AI technology and development. The U.S. leads the development side with over 1,000 AI-related companies including Google, Amazon, Microsoft,…

Startup Opportunities in Japan

2018 | 3 Biggest Tech Events In Tokyo That You Cannot Miss

Are you a potential entrepreneur or a career driven individual seeking to establish a business in Japan? Then this article is for you. Japan is currently an investor’s haven laden with lot opportunities for startup and multinational businesses to explore. The year 2018 has a lot in stock for businesses, no doubt, the Japanese economy is revolving and new businesses are springing up. In the Japanese tech ecosystem, for instance, there are many tech events that are expected to hold this year. However, this article will highlight the 3 biggest tech events in the city of Tokyo that you cannot miss. The tech industry in Japan is a goldmine for…