5 Top Co-Working Spaces in Tokyo

If you are an English-speaker who works online as a freelancer or do other work online and you are planning to visit Japan soon, you may be in need of a comfortable place to get all your work done.

You might be thinking that your hotel room will be enough but there is no fun staying cooped up in your hotel all day and your hotel room probably won’t have the ambiance or professional amenities you require to get the job done.

However, coffee shops and cafés are great, but there will be distractions and are not supported if you will be staying longer. This makes the space inconvenient and not a cost-effective alternative for you. Going to co-working spaces will also allow you to meet new people who live in Japan with the same goal as you. In Japan, there is a vast number of casual, modern, and luxury co-working offices to choose from for English-speaking travelers.


Ginza Hub

Ginza Hub has created a name for itself as the best English coworking environment in the city capital of Japan, Tokyo for entrepreneurs. The best part about this spot is that you don’t need any entry fees or sign-ups walk in and pay for what you use and enjoy.


The iiOffice is located in Ueno, and it comes complete with a bar, and it is a host to regular networking events. There is two type of space here at the iiOffice, the private office spaces and the open concept lounge. The hours for iiOffice is 10 AM to 6 PM daily.



Startup HUB is located in Tokyo station neighborhood and it is FREE. It only accepts members for a whole day and permission to come in and out from 10 AM to 10 PM daily.



Mono is yet another excellent co-working space option in Japan. It has many offices, meeting spaces, and event options. The Mono has impressive English-speaking staffs that are always ready to attend to your needs, and they also have an English website. The price starts at 2000 yen, daily drop-ins are welcome, and you can also request for a more modern, shared, or private offices. You can also rent an event space for a couple hours.


Connecting the Dots

Connecting the Dots has two locations in Shibuya area of the city, and they are both very spacious and always welcome you – so if you can’t find space in one, you will surely find space in another. There are two plans you can choose from: part-time or monthly access, with rates from ¥1350/day. There are amenities such printers, fax machines, scanners, kitchen, Wi-Fi, and extra monitors.

In the end, only you as the business owner or entrepreneur can decide whether or not a co-working space is right for you or your business.

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