Set up a Company in Japan

Set up a Company in Japan

Coworking Office Spaces in Tokyo

Shared workspaces are becoming more and more popular within white collared jobs. Not only is it just a cheaper alternative for companies, but it has also become a popular choice for small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs. It enables their employees to have more flexibility and provides a different experience from traditional office spaces. For starters, renting a traditional office space in Japan is typically quite expensive. Unless you are a big company like Facebook or Google, getting an office space within a budget can be difficult. On top of that, employees usually work near or right next to their boss, meaning the office layout is usually more open. There are…


Six tips to ready your crowdfunding campaign for expansion into the Japanese market

So your company just successfully funded its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Congratulations! Maybe you’ve already started manufacturing of your product or even sales to consumers. Now’s the time to look into expanding to the Japanese market. If you want to succeed, you’re going to want to avoid the mistakes of companies that have come before you. You also should follow these six tips on how to best prepare your entry strategy into Japan. 1) Do your research The first step any company should take before stepping foot in Japan is substantial market research. This means understanding your sector in Japan, the existing competitors, and the needs of Japanese…


Spotlight on the AI Market in Japan

One of the most promising tech trends of the near future is AI, or Artificial Intelligence. Definitions of what exactly AI is varies, but generally the term refers to computer systems’ technologies that are able to perform functions that replicate human intelligence and thought. As research and development of AI technology grows stronger, companies are constantly finding new potential applications, but also face the risks of overly intelligent machines that have long been the subject of dystopian sci-fi films. The U.S. and China are seen as the two leading countries for AI technology and development. The U.S. leads the development side with over 1,000 AI-related companies including Google, Amazon, Microsoft,…

Marketing in Japan

Opening a Business Bank Account In Japan is Easier Than You Think

Everyone knows that a bank is the place where money is saved for future purposes. It is a financial institution that accepts money for people for the purpose of lending and investment and also withdrawal which can be done by cash, check, or a draft. Banks can be used by individuals, a group of people, or businesses. Banks in all countries in the world operate business bank accounts, but we will be focusing on business bank accounts within Japan. Individuals who wish to start a business in Japan often wonder if they should use their personal bank accounts for their businesses or not. The advisable thing is to open a…

Marketing in Japan

Are You Planning On Expanding Your Business Base? How About Japan?

Japan has been the world’s third-largest economy and 20 million Internet users and 50 million mobile phone users; Japan has a lot to offer for international businesses. Japan holds or represents 10% of the world’s economy and has an e-commerce sale that reached $120 billion in 2017. The future of e-commerce sale opportunities in Japan are increasing. Japan has a strong population of middle-class consumers that embrace new technologies and have a high disposable income; which is why Japan is suitable for international businesses offering premium goods or services or innovative solutions that are digitally focused. So, if you are planning to expand into Japan, we have listed below some…

Set up a Company in Japan

How To Start a Company in Japan?

A western businessman looking to establish a business in Asia is like pouring a cup of water into the ocean; there are very few Asian countries that hold the interest in your business more than that of Japan. The fact that Japan as a business destination has lost some of the lusters that it enjoyed during the 1970s and 80s is far from true, in fact this country remains one of the world’s largest economies today. Japan is well known for foreigners looking the best place to do business. So, if you are thinking of starting your business in Japan below is a list of some of the things you…

Co-working spaces

5 Top Co-Working Spaces in Tokyo

If you are an English-speaker who works online as a freelancer or do other work online and you are planning to visit Japan soon, you may be in need of a comfortable place to get all your work done. You might be thinking that your hotel room will be enough but there is no fun staying cooped up in your hotel all day and your hotel room probably won’t have the ambiance or professional amenities you require to get the job done. However, coffee shops and cafés are great, but there will be distractions and are not supported if you will be staying longer. This makes the space inconvenient and…


Obstacles To Doing Business In Japan

Any discussion on business obstacles in Japan must be entrenched in the basic understanding of the country’s corporate governance system, the culture, and the language. If you are looking to do business in Japan, here are some of the challenges and obstacles of doing business in Japan.   Language and Culture Most global organizations face real challenges in reaching their business goals in Japan due to the lack of understanding of the Japanese language and culture. Japan is undoubtedly seen from abroad as a country with safe and clean cities, where dynamic global companies can emerge and thrive. However, Japan is a country with unique formal and informal communication rules….

Marketing in Japan

Japan’s Most Popular Social Media Networks

You will be hard pressed to find a business with no presence on social media outlets. Using social media networks is a quick and easy way to connect with customers and promote yourself. Japan currently has 86% internet users. It boasts the 4th largest user numbers behind China, U.S., and India. Mobile users, amusingly enough, is over 120%. The average individual in Japan makes use of more than one mobile phone. Also, the majority of the Japanese population make use of their phone to access social media platforms over other internet capable devices. With that much internet and mobile phone usage, social media presence is paramount. But, what platforms are…