Everyone knows that a bank is the place where money is saved for future purposes. It is a financial institution that accepts money for people for the purpose of lending and investment and also withdrawal which can be done by cash, cheque or draft.

Banks can be used by individuals, a group of people or businesses. Each of these players have different bank accounts which are called by different names. Banks in all countries in the world operate business bank accounts but we will be focusing on business bank accounts in Japan.

The banking system in Japan has existed for a very long time. The Bank of Japan itself has been operating since 1882. Fast forward many years and today there are so many banks in Japan that use sophisticated ways of banking and many Japanese banks are among the top twenty banks in the world.

Individuals who wish to start a business in Japan often wonder if they should use their personal bank accounts f or their businesses or not. The advisable thing is to open a business account. This is because a dedicated business account is where payroll, sales and many other business expenses need to be processed through.

A lot more people believe opening a business bank account in Japan is actually difficult. This is not true. It is actually easier than you think. There are some requirements that you need to follow.



You need to get an application form from the bank. After that, you get a local company registration certificate and articles of incorporation for the business. You also need the physical registered branch seals and registration certificate. Finally, you need  the proof of identification of the person who is applying, in this case, you and probably the business partners you have.

All these requirements are needed to make sure you are serious about opening a business bank account and to know your details. Other requirements include your business profile, your latest statement of account, the lease agreement and probably your passport. If you have all these, you are good to go.



If your business is the type that involves clients who live abroad, then you need to know about Payoneer.

Payoneer is a financial online service that allows you to get paid by clients and business partners anywhere in the world. It offers a quick, low-cost, easy and very secure ways to get paid on a global scale.

The service has over four million customers around the world. There are other ways of making transfers and receiving transfers on a global scale but none of them is as good as this particular service. The payment cost is ridiculously low and you can easily access your funds anywhere. No matter your language, you also have the opportunity to speak your language to customer care agents if you have any questions.

You can easily provide your clients with local JPY accounts and get paid easily as if you were having a local bank account. Finally, you can easily withdraw payments from your Payoneer account to your local bank in Japanese currency and also withdraw your funds at any ATM service anywhere in the world. You can do this through a special Payoneer card that can also be used to make purchases online.

If your business gives a client a job, you can easily use the Payoneer service to make payments for free.

So what are you waiting for? Open your business account and start enjoying easy transactions with Payoneer.