Everything About Japanese Culture for Businessmen

If a foreign company wants to enter the Japanese market, learning the language is not enough. Even if you speak really well, faux pas slow down your business and harm your credibility. Whether you want to create a website, post on social media or meet professionals, there are a few things you should pay attention to. You can also read about the Japanese business etiquette to know the dos and don’ts when participating in professional meetings. Colors Color meanings change depending on countries and sometimes regions, so it is important to know them in order to avoid delivering the wrong message. Black: both positive and negative, it represents elegance, sexuality…

Marketing in Japan

What Color To Make Your Japanese Website

What was your process for designing your website? Did you look up the common trends in other websites for companies in your area? Or did you focus on being unique? One of the most important things that may get overlooked when making a website is the color scheme. Certain colors hold special meanings in Asian cultures. For example, black traditionally represents sadness, fear, or even death. You will find that websites in Japan tend to stay away from darker tones. This may be a result of this belief, or maybe it is just because dark websites are hard to look at. Perhaps a mixture of both. So what color palettes…