What You Can Achieve Through Crowdfunding in Japan

Expanding a customer community, launching a product for a lower price, customers themselves supporting the project, etc. Crowdfunding has so many advantages that it would be hard to list them all, so today we will focus on why it is a good opportunity to seize, why it is gaining in popularity in the world and in Japan, and what kinds of product are successful in 2020.

We listed projects which raised the most fund at the end of this article, check it out!

What Is the Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding, as indicated in its designation, is the idea that the “crowd” participates in raising “fund” for a project. Investopedia defined it as “the use of small amounts of capital from a large number of individuals (called backers) to finance a new business venture”. Through social media and specialized websites, an individual can raise funds and launch its product(s) at a low cost. There are three types of crowdfunding, namely donation, purchase and investment, with subcategories called equity-, loan- and association-based crowdfunding.

This concept started in Japan with the READYFOR? platform, launched in 2012. Even if the number of campaigns grows at a slower pace than in the United States, it becomes more and more popular, with many successful campaigns.

Why Is Crowdfunding a Good Opportunity?

  1. Because it is an occasion to launch a product without asking for regular lender support
  2. Because it is a huge and growing marketplace, not only in Japan
  3. Because you are supported by a community and can build your network faster
  4. Because you can improve a product thanks to feedback


It has advantages both for the customer and the entrepreneur, for example:

Customers Entrepreneurs
Can contribute to the project they like, to new, exciting and innovative products Can be creative and reach the customer directly, have feedback
Pre-order the product before the majority knows about it Have customers before selling the product, generate publicity
Product at a lower price, low investment, low risk Launch the product at a lower price, with less risk (charged only if the target is reached)


To understand better the characteristics of crowdfunding in Japan, here are some 2019 statistics collected by Statista.

Total Transaction Value

“Total Transaction Value in the Crowdfunding segment amounts to US$16.7m [€14.8m] in 2020.”

Number of funding campaigns

“In the Crowdfunding segment, the number of funding campaigns is expected to amount to 7.0 thousand by 2023.”


Average funding per campaign

“The average funding per campaign in the Crowdfunding segment amounts to US$2,935 [€2,599] in 2020.”

Global Comparison / Transaction Value

“With a total transaction value of US$7,049m [€6,243m] in 2020, the highest value worldwide is reached in China.”

Three Famous Platforms in Japan

You can use big international platforms (like Indiegogo, Kickstarter, Gofundme, etc.), but it is better to choose a Japanese one. The three main platforms below are a good bet when targeting the Japanese market.

Green Funding

The Green Funding team displays patience when investing in projects and wants to attract determined entrepreneurs who are willing to be creative and to disrupt a field or an industry. They chose to invest in seed stage, they take risk but they also take the campaign success very seriously. Besides financing projects, they provide marketing support for a great variety of products (gadgets, food, CDs and DVDs, books, sports or social contributions).

The average amount of support is 3.4 million yen, the highest level in the industry. They are however less concerned by the amount of funding, which is one of the reasons why they became the number one in success rate, and an excellent platform for crowdfunding.


Be aware that Makuake is made specifically for Japanese company and that it is not a good choice to start with (you have to list your products and concepts in the campaign).


The Campfire platform is ready to support creative entrepreneurs to enter the Japanese market. The concept is to raise the funds necessary for 10,000 yen only via the Internet, for creative projects such as music, books, art, movies or products.

Check our article about the top three crowdfunding platforms in Japan for more details about each platform.

Top 25 of the Most Funded Campaign on Japanese Websites (2020)

Remember that even if there are many advantages to crowdfunding, many projects failed. If you are curious to know what kinds of product are successful in Japan, check the top 25 below! And if you want to be helped, let us know. Whether you need a strategy or assistance with your new innovative product, we provide value for your new product launch in the Japanese Market. We offer Crowdfunding Support and Digital Marketing Services, all under one roof. You can contact us at www.gloture.co.jp!


Creator: EcoFlow Japan

Description: Ultra-large capacity & rapid charge, next-generation portable power supply “EFDELTA”.

Details: possible set (main unit and solar panel). Can supply power to most electric products with “rated output: 1600W (surge 3100W)” and “capacity: 1260Wh”.

Goal: 500,000JPY

Amount raised: 281,205,200JPY

Backers: 2,062

Platform: Makuake


Creator: BoCo (Japan)

Description: The world’s first completely wireless bone conduction earphones. earsopen®︎ “PEACE” [music model / hearing assist model]

Details: Sound heard clearly, by bone conduction (“the second hearing”). Protect the hearing.

Goal: 1,000,000JPY

Amount raised: 164,789,693JPY

Backers: 7,506

Platform: Green Funding


Creator: Glafit (Japan)

Description: Bicycle + bike = glafit bike – Smart folding electric hybrid bike.

Details: hybrid bike (bicycle function, electric bike function, assisted drive function), convenient and comfortable, 100% electric, fingerprint authentication.

Goal: 3,000,000JPY

Amount raised: 128,004,810JPY

Backers: 1,284

Platform: Makuake


Creator: Candy House (Silicon Valley, USA)

Description: A world without keys. Manage your keys with the app! Smart Lock SESAME Sesame mini

Details: The door can be opened and closed with a smartphone. The smart lock is attached to the key (which is inside the door) and simply taped with double-sided tape.

Goal: 1,000,000JPY

Amount raised: 118,475,860JPY

Backers: 8,232

Platform: Makuake


Creator: Sonic Soak (USA)

Description: Can even clean clothes, razors and vegetables! Ultrasonic cleaner Sonic Soak

Details: Ultrasonic cleaning technology, use the power of the ultra-fine bubbles created in the water to pop off dirt invisible to the naked eye. Clean food, objects, water, baby milk, etc.

Goal: 1,000,000JPY

Amount raised: 117,745,500JPY

Backers: 6,561

Platform: Makuake


Creator: Citizen (Japan)

Description: Citizen Solar Powered Smart Watch [Eco Drive Riiiver]

Details: Set your favorite functions on Eco-Drive Riiiver thanks to the app. Call a taxi, get match scores, the current weather, etc.

Goal: 1,500,000JPY

Amount raised: 106,419,704JPY

Backers: 2,748

Platform: Green Funding


Creator: Afu (Japan)

Description: Heat in just 1 second. Ultimate heat jacket “Warm Geek”. 38-53 ℃ / 4 steps adjustment with one button / up to 16 hours continuous use / water repellent / washing machine OK

Details: Winter clothes. By just pressing the chest button, the jacket heats up to 53 ℃ (adjustable in 4 steps).

Goal: 200,000JPY

Amount raised: 102,661,655JPY

Backers: 4,677

Platform: Green Funding


Creator: BoCo (Japan)

Description: Earsopen® (EO), the world’s smallest, high-quality bone conduction CLIP earphones

Details: Allows to hear what surrounds you while listening to music, without losing the earphones while running.

Goal: 1,000,000JPY

Amount raised: 101,515,371JPY

Backers: 7,594

Platform: Green Funding


Creator: MCM Japan

Description: For those who can’t forget UMPC (Ultra-mobile PC): Ultra-compact PC “GPD Pocket” in Japan

Details: Can be carried like a tablet or a smartphone but with the performance of a desktop PC if a monitor is connected. 8GB memory / 128 GB internal storage, design, copper heat pipe, 480 g, LAN2.4/5 GHz, Bluetooth 4.1, USB Type-C, HDMI Type D (micro-cable).

Goal: 5,000,000JPY

Amount raised: 97,191,360JPY

Backers: 1,478

Platform: Makuake


Creator: JDSound (Japan)

Description: A portable speaker that perfectly reproduces the excitement of a movie theater. Made in TOHOKU “OVO”

Details: Powerful sound, allows a complete immersion.

Goal: 20,000,000JPY

Amount raised: 94,885,800JPY

Backers: 7,527

Platform: Green Funding


Creator: Crazybaby (USA)

Description: Full orchestra in a small body. Full wireless earphones with Hi-Fi sound Air

Details: “Air by crazybaby” is completely wireless earphones with Hi-Fi sound featuring a diaphragm and high-resolution sound which can be purchased from the 10,000JPY range. A sound which is “faithful to the original sound”.

Goal: 1,000,000JPY

Amount raised: 94,474,700JPY

Backers: 5,095

Platform: Makuake



Description: Reprint 500 TYPE EVA & Shinkalion Super Complete BOX Special Set

Details: Limited package using a newly drawn illustration. About the anime “Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion”.

Goal: 59,400,000JPY

Amount raised: 94,116,900JPY

Backers: 4,753

Platform: Green Funding


Creator: Hayama-Colony inc. (Japan)

Description: Anyone at home can cook like a professional! Evolved Low-temperature Cooker BONIQ Pro

Details: Inspired by French cooking technique used in starred restaurants around the world for more than 30 years: immersing a zip bag containing ingredients in hot water and cooking at a precise temperature. Determines the texture.

Goal: 1,000,000JPY

Amount raised: 84,498,000JPY

Backers: 2,790

Platform: Makuake


Creator: popIn Co. (Japan)

Description: The best entertainment space in your bedroom. Smart Light “popIn Aladdin”

Details: “popIn Aladdin” is a projector and speakers incorporated in a ceiling light. Enjoy your favorite video and music in a relaxing bedroom with the projection of a large bright screen and with high-quality speakers. Install “popIn Aladdin” on the ceiling easily, and watch AbemaTV or YouTube in your bed.

Goal: 1,000,000JPY

Amount raised: 74,882,200JPY

Backers: 1,676

Platform: Makuake


Creator: Unihertz (Japan)

Description: Unihertz Atom is the world’s smallest 4G toughness smartphone.

Details: Fits in a pocket, can also be a good sub-smartphone as a second device. Fingerprint authentication, waterproof, dust proof, shock resistant, dual SIM, etc.

Goal: 1,000,000JPY

Amount raised: 74,248,785JPY

Backers: 3,057

Platform: Campfire



Description: Aim for the end of Heisei 3,000BOX! “Heisei Kamen Rider Super Complete Box”

Details: A book that spells out in detail the records of the battles of the heroes that TV has covered.

Goal: 35,400,000

Amount raised: 72,664,400JPY

Backers: 6,158

Platform: Makuake


Creator: United City Bikes (Japan)

Description: “THE ONE” Super Light! New Generation Foldable Electric Assistance Bike

Details: Light and flexible, robust and very compact, at a reasonable price.

Goal: 1,000,000JPY

Amount raised: 71,787,052JPY

Backers: 655

Platform: Campfire


Creator: MegaHouse Corporation (Japan)

Description: [Flare plan realization project] Let’s deploy a large powered suit with a target of 1000 aircraft!

Details: An 8-cm tall figure series, from MegaHouse. Armed girls collection (army).

Goal: 13,000,000JPY

Amount raised: 66,216,004JPY

Backers: 7,503

Platform: Makuake


Creator: Anker (China)

Description: Overturns the common sense of projectors. Nebula Cosmos Max for 4K + 3D sound

Details: Immersive images and sounds, two projectors that overturn the conventional sense of home theater.

Goal: 1,000,000JPY

Amount raised: 65,436,670JPY

Backers: 575

Platform: Makuake


Creator: Vinpok (USA)

Description: For those who want to work with efficiency wherever they are. Ultralight Touch Panel Mobile Monitor “Vinpok Split”

Details: Vinpok Split is a light portable mobile, with a 1080P high-resolution touch panel. Ideal for video editing.

Goal: 500,000

Amount raised: 61,858,533JPY

Backers: 2,489

Platform: Green Funding


Creator: TS Trade (Japan)

Description: In-vehicle night vision monitor “Lanmodo Night Vision System”

Details: Driving at night with few streetlights, when there is a heavy rain, bicycles you do not see, etc.

Goal: 500,000JPY

Amount raised: 60,603,737JPY

Backers: 1,360

Platform: Green Funding


Creator: CZUR Tech (China)

Description: Aura: Ultra-high-speed Smart Scanner for Desk Lamp

Details: CZUR Tech, can instantly scan books and magazines without having to cut them.

Goal: 500,000JPY

Amount raised: 60,015,960JPY

Backers: 2,273

Platform: Makuake


Creator: V-WHITE (USA)

Description: Brush for 10 seconds only. 360 Degree Electric Toothbrush & Whitening V-WHITE+

Details: FDA approved teeth cleaning and whitening product. Cold-light whitening, high safety.

Goal: 300,000JPY

Amount raised: 59,637,900JPY

Backers: 5,847

Platform: Makuake


Creator: Shonen Hollywood

Description: TV Anime “Shonen Hollywood” 26, complete version!

Details: Will continue the TV animation “Holly Stage for…”. The dance scene, all hand-drawn, is a live performance that is unique in the history of anime. List of all the songs performed by Shonen Hollywood on Christmas Eve, and more.

Goal: 15,000,000JPY

Amount raised: 59,582,000JPY

Backers: 3,140

Platform: Makuake

No. 25


Creator: OROS (USA)

Description: Supports up to -40 ° C with just 3 mm of material! NASA technology! ORION PARKA

Details: Can be worn without worrying about stains (easy to remove with water). Ultra-high-quality movements.

Goal: 100,000JPY

Amount raised: 58,922,300JPY

Backers: 1,613

Platform: Makuake



Crowdfunding is a good opportunity to launch a project without having to struggle to find a lender. And with our top 25, you can notice the Japanese trends, like high-tech products (power supplies, laptops, smartphones) which are more convenient, more powerful, smaller, lighter, etc. Products which are wireless but still perform very well (speakers, video projectors) and which help people save time (earphones, electric toothbrushes) are very popular, like objects which solve issues of the everyday life (warm clothes or night vision system). Other successful projects are characteristic of the Japanese culture (animations and figures).

If your product is similar to those, why not try?

And if you want launch your crowdfunding campaign in Japan, you can contact us at www.gloture.co.jp!!