The Attractiveness of Doing Business in Japan

The Great Japanese Market

As attractiveness of doing business in Japan, 86.4% of the companies answered “Japanese market” followed by “well-developed infrastructure (transportation, logistics, ICT, energy, etc.)” at 79.6%, “high-quality of R&D” at 69.8% and “existence of good partners, companies or universities with outstanding technologies or products” at 69.6%



Tokyo– A Huge Market and A Comfortable Business Environment

With a population exceeding 13 million people, Tokyo is a world-leading megalopolis. Its population far exceeds other major global metropolitan areas, like New York and London. The gross metropolitan product of this city is valued at $930 billion.

Tokyo contains 2,964 major companies that each have capital of ¥1 billion or more. This accounts for half of the total number of such companies in all of Japan. As an international business center, Tokyo is also top-ranked in the number of Fortune 500 companies headquartered there.

Consumers in Japan demand a high level of quality, and have a great appetite for high value-added products. Thus, products and services that are successful in Tokyo can expect to be held in high regards by the global market.

Another strong characteristic of Tokyo is its wealth of potential business partners and highly skilled professionals.  Tokyo contains a large number of companies, universities and research institutions. It also has numerous small and medium-sized companies boasting world-leading technologies.


Foreign companies that expand their operation into Tokyo can create and innovate with local business partners, then smoothly expand that business into other parts of Asia. The resources Tokyo provides allows for such an expansion.

When it comes to English, the Japanese people struggle! You wouldn’t believe the panic and dismay when they want to purchase a product, but give up at the sight of the English language.

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