Crowdfunding in Japan

Crowdfunding Success Rates in Japan

Have an idea you know people will love? Don’t have the startup capital to start your idea? Then you should crowdfund that idea, most people would say. You get to show the world your concept, and accrue the funds necessary to realize that concept without having to worry about bank loans or investor demands. But what are your chances at actually succeeding, and fully funding your project? The short answer: 30%. Roughly two-thirds of projects fail to get funding! But, is this true around the world? Let’s take a quick look, comparing two of the world’s largest economic powerhouses.   America American crowdfunding allows global ventures, attracting investors and drafters…

Marketing in Japan

Opening a Business Bank Account In Japan is Easier Than You Think

Everyone knows that a bank is the place where money is saved for future purposes. It is a financial institution that accepts money for people for the purpose of lending and investment and also withdrawal which can be done by cash, check, or a draft. Banks can be used by individuals, a group of people, or businesses. Banks in all countries in the world operate business bank accounts, but we will be focusing on business bank accounts within Japan. Individuals who wish to start a business in Japan often wonder if they should use their personal bank accounts for their businesses or not. The advisable thing is to open a…



ICO is an acronym for Initial Coin Offering. It is an unregulated way by which funds are raised for a new cryptocurrency venture. It is usually used by businesses that are still in the infancy stages to bypass the regulated and challenging process which are mandated by banks and/or venture capitalists. Investors pre-allocate some quantity of cryptocurrency in the form of tokens in exchange for other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. If the ICO’s funding goal is met and the project becomes launched successfully, the tokens then become the functional units of cryptocurrency. This means that a function of ICO is to enable a cryptocurrency launch through procuring funds for…


What Your Startup Needs to Know About Launching An ICO In Japan

Now that Japan is planning to release guidelines that are favorable to the cryptocurrency business, it is an opportunity to launch an ICO over there. ICO, called Initial Coin Offering, is a way by which new projects sell their crypto tokens against cryptocurrencies like the Ethereum and Bitcoin. An ICO is like a crowd funding platform, whereby a company offers something in exchange for a sum of money which is then used for different investments. However, in this case, what is being offered in exchange by the company is a virtual currency. If your startup wants to launch an ICO in Japan, there are some things you need to know….

Marketing in Japan

Why Every Startup Needs a Content Marketing Plan and Strategy

It’s a no brainer that an international startup might lack in budget for marketing purposes and might also be short on resources as well, especially in a country like Japan. Both these factors hold them back and stop them from competing against their bigger competitors in the game. They only have two things to rely upon: big ideas and hard work. Additionally, they have to jostle for space in a sector like the Japanese market where new players get introduced on a daily basis. More so, startups also take into account the constantly changing behavior and preferences of customers. Without doing this, it would not be possible to deliver what…

Marketing in Japan

Are You Planning On Expanding Your Business Base? How About Japan?

Japan has been the world’s third-largest economy and 20 million Internet users and 50 million mobile phone users; Japan has a lot to offer for international businesses. Japan holds or represents 10% of the world’s economy and has an e-commerce sale that reached $120 billion in 2017. The future of e-commerce sale opportunities in Japan are increasing. Japan has a strong population of middle-class consumers that embrace new technologies and have a high disposable income; which is why Japan is suitable for international businesses offering premium goods or services or innovative solutions that are digitally focused. So, if you are planning to expand into Japan, we have listed below some…

Set up a Company in Japan

How To Start a Company in Japan?

A western businessman looking to establish a business in Asia is like pouring a cup of water into the ocean; there are very few Asian countries that hold the interest in your business more than that of Japan. The fact that Japan as a business destination has lost some of the lusters that it enjoyed during the 1970s and 80s is far from true, in fact this country remains one of the world’s largest economies today. Japan is well known for foreigners looking the best place to do business. So, if you are thinking of starting your business in Japan below is a list of some of the things you…

Co-working spaces

5 Top Co-Working Spaces in Tokyo

If you are an English-speaker who works online as a freelancer or do other work online and you are planning to visit Japan soon, you may be in need of a comfortable place to get all your work done. You might be thinking that your hotel room will be enough but there is no fun staying cooped up in your hotel all day and your hotel room probably won’t have the ambiance or professional amenities you require to get the job done. However, coffee shops and cafés are great, but there will be distractions and are not supported if you will be staying longer. This makes the space inconvenient and…


Obstacles To Doing Business In Japan

Any discussion on business obstacles in Japan must be entrenched in the basic understanding of the country’s corporate governance system, the culture, and the language. If you are looking to do business in Japan, here are some of the challenges and obstacles of doing business in Japan.   Language and Culture Most global organizations face real challenges in reaching their business goals in Japan due to the lack of understanding of the Japanese language and culture. Japan is undoubtedly seen from abroad as a country with safe and clean cities, where dynamic global companies can emerge and thrive. However, Japan is a country with unique formal and informal communication rules….

Startup Opportunities in Japan

2018 | 3 Biggest Tech Events In Tokyo That You Cannot Miss

Are you a potential entrepreneur or a career driven individual seeking to establish a business in Japan? Then this article is for you. Japan is currently an investor’s haven laden with lot opportunities for startup and multinational businesses to explore. The year 2018 has a lot in stock for businesses, no doubt, the Japanese economy is revolving and new businesses are springing up. In the Japanese tech ecosystem, for instance, there are many tech events that are expected to hold this year. However, this article will highlight the 3 biggest tech events in the city of Tokyo that you cannot miss. The tech industry in Japan is a goldmine for…