Marketing in Japan

Taking Part In Large Tokyo Trade Shows

Being able to exhibit your product is an effective way to get your name out to many people at once. Not only do trade shows attract new investors, but they also allow the general public to see exciting new products and be the first to hear big announcements from big companies. Trade shows that give public access to new and unreleased products always prove to be a hit. The annual Tokyo Game Show took place from September 20th to the 23rd. The first two days were reserved for media-related people, and the last two being open to the public. Given the popularity of video games across the world for all…

Marketing in Japan

What Color To Make Your Japanese Website

What was your process for designing your website? Did you look up the common trends in other websites for companies in your area? Or did you focus on being unique? One of the more important things that may get overlooked when making a website is the color scheme. Certain colors hold special meanings in Asian cultures. For example in Japan black traditionally represents sadness, fear, or even death. You will find that websites in Japan tend to stay away from darker tones. This may be a result of this belief, or maybe it is just because dark websites are hard to look at. Perhaps a mixture of both. So what…

Startup Opportunities in Japan

SMACHZ Enters into Japan with Successful Exhibition at TOKYO GAME SHOW 2018

20th – 23rd September 2018- Chiba, Japan: SMACH Z provides gamers the newest way to play PC games, radically redefining portable gaming by bringing your favorite PC games with you.  Anywhere, anytime. This year SMACH Z partnered with Gloture to take part in the 2018 Tokyo Game Show that was hosted at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan. The 2018 Tokyo Game Show had a record-breaking amount of attendees. Over 298,000 people in attendance, which is an amazing improvement over last year (254,311 attendees). At the SMACH Z booth it was nonstop action!  A big thank you to all of the backers from Kickstarter, people who heard about SMACH Z through previous press…

Marketing in Japan

One Championship Enters into Japan with Successful Tokyo Press Conference

23 August 2018- Tokyo, Japan: Asia’s leading MMA organization ONE Championship held their first ever Japan press conference on August 23, 2018 at the Park Hyatt Tokyo in Shinjuku, Japan.   Partnering with Gloture, Tokyo’s leading creative agency made sure that ONE Championship’s first foray into the Japanese market was a complete success. Over 330+ people attended this press conference alone. Fans, media, photographers flooded the venue beyond max capacity. Not a single seat was left empty. One Championship's Press Conference The Start of One Championship's Press Conference. #weareone #onechampionship #MMA #Tokyo #Japan Japanese Market Entry Strategy – Glotureさんの投稿 2018年8月24日金曜日   “Yesterday’s Press Conference for ONE Championship Japan was amazing!…

Crowdfunding in Japan

Campfire, Japan’s Largest Crowdfunding Platform – Is it for Me?

As we all know, crowdfunding is the means to finance a project using large groups of people, rather than a handful of loans or investors. Particularly in Japan, crowdfunding continues to grows in popularity. Considered the largest Japanese crowdfunding site, Campfire boasts an impressive number of successfully funded campaigns. But, how much money were those campaigns able to raise? How many campaigns were not able to reach their goals? And, what does all of this actually mean for the campaign runner?   SUCCESS RATE First, let’s look at the percentage of successful campaign run on Campfire. The site doesn’t directly share the success rate of projects run on their platform….

Crowdfunding in Japan

Crowdfunding Success Rates in Japan

Have an idea you know people will love? Don’t have the startup capital to start your idea? Then you should crowdfund that idea, most people would say. You get to show the world your concept, and accrue the funds necessary to realize that concept without having to worry about bank loans or investor demands. But what are your chances at actually succeeding, and fully funding your project? The short answer: 30%. Roughly two-thirds of projects fail to get funding! But, is this true around the world? Let’s take a quick look, comparing two of the world’s largest economic powerhouses.   America American crowdfunding allows global ventures, attracting investors and drafters…

Marketing in Japan

Opening a Business Bank Account In Japan is Easier Than You Think

Everyone knows that a bank is the place where money is saved for future purposes. It is a financial institution that accepts money for people for the purpose of lending and investment and also withdrawal which can be done by cash, check, or a draft. Banks can be used by individuals, a group of people, or businesses. Banks in all countries in the world operate business bank accounts, but we will be focusing on business bank accounts within Japan. Individuals who wish to start a business in Japan often wonder if they should use their personal bank accounts for their businesses or not. The advisable thing is to open a…



ICO is an acronym for Initial Coin Offering. It is an unregulated way by which funds are raised for a new cryptocurrency venture. It is usually used by businesses that are still in the infancy stages to bypass the regulated and challenging process which are mandated by banks and/or venture capitalists. Investors pre-allocate some quantity of cryptocurrency in the form of tokens in exchange for other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. If the ICO’s funding goal is met and the project becomes launched successfully, the tokens then become the functional units of cryptocurrency. This means that a function of ICO is to enable a cryptocurrency launch through procuring funds for…


What Your Startup Needs to Know About Launching An ICO In Japan

Now that Japan is planning to release guidelines that are favorable to the cryptocurrency business, it is an opportunity to launch an ICO over there. ICO, called Initial Coin Offering, is a way by which new projects sell their crypto tokens against cryptocurrencies like the Ethereum and Bitcoin. An ICO is like a crowd funding platform, whereby a company offers something in exchange for a sum of money which is then used for different investments. However, in this case, what is being offered in exchange by the company is a virtual currency. If your startup wants to launch an ICO in Japan, there are some things you need to know….

Marketing in Japan

Why Every Startup Needs a Content Marketing Plan and Strategy

It’s a no brainer that an international startup might lack in budget for marketing purposes and might also be short on resources as well, especially in a country like Japan. Both these factors hold them back and stop them from competing against their bigger competitors in the game. They only have two things to rely upon: big ideas and hard work. Additionally, they have to jostle for space in a sector like the Japanese market where new players get introduced on a daily basis. More so, startups also take into account the constantly changing behavior and preferences of customers. Without doing this, it would not be possible to deliver what…