Want to Enter The Japanese Market With Free PR Service?

If you are a product maker who have set your sight on expanding to the Japanese market, there are 2 important steps that will help reaching your goal:

  • Being connected to the Japanese consumers
  • Having your product featuring on the Japanese local media

How can you achieve this easily?

We are Gloture – a Japanese crowdfunding agency, experienced in supporting oversea campaigns to be launched in Japan. At the end of 2018, we developed our own E-commerce platform!

We are particularly interested in quality gadgets and life-hack items, targetting the 25-45 years old people in the prime period of their life who have interest in improving their lifestyle. So, how can Gloture help? It goes back to the 2 points mentioned above:

Connecting to the Japanese customers

Without any initial cost, product makers will be able to list their product on our platform (Gloture.jp), as well as having the your product landing page re-created in Japanese professionally.

PR in Japan

We write professional press release article for each new product on our site, and they will be submitted to our media contacts. Usually, we can get the articles of new products in Japan appearing on 30-50 media websites, and in some cases they can also appear on mainstream magazines. 

If samples are provided, we could also provide them to medias who are interested in writing about your product, and more thorough PR can be achieved.

Let’s have a look at some examples of how we can PR your product through the major Japanese medias:

  1. Nikkei News – Major Japan Economic Newspaper
  2. Kakaku.com – Operates a comparison shopping website, which has over 700m monthly page view
  3. Goodspress – A famous local online media
  4. Engadget Japan – A world famous technology blog
  5. Livedoor News – A news site run by a Japanese leading internet service company LINE

Even better, currently there are no additional charge for this PR service for this initial period.


Interested? Please get in touch. Gloture is always excited to bring in great creations from around the world.