What Makes Gloture Different From Other Crowdfunding Companies in Japan?

So you decided you want to expand your company to the Japanese market, but you don’t know where to start. Doing everything your own would be too risky, especially if you don’t know much about the Japanese business culture. It tends to be more strategic and thorough with their decisions and they really emphasize on building trust within business partnerships. Since the 1970s, more and more U.S. high-tech companies sought to enter the Japanese market in hopes to introduce cool innovative products to Japanese consumers and enjoy profitable business. Over the years as the Yutori’s (millennial’s) buying power increases towards online platforms, it is important to focus on the trending digital market.

As entering the Japanese market can be difficult, what should you do as a business leader to emerge into it? This is where Gloture comes in.


So What Exactly is Gloture?

Gloture is a company founded in April 2015 and has been growing successfully ever since. We work closely with our clients and support them to help their products take off. Unlike traditional crowdfunding companies in Japan, we offer multiple services that lead up to the success of your product launch. We handle most of the Japanese side of the business to help get your name out there. Although crowdfunding is still a relatively new topic in Japan, more and more people see it as a great platform to discover new products. It allows consumers to participate in the development of products and gives them something to look forward to. Check out our Youtube channel here to see more of what we do.


We help create engaging visual content that connect with Japanese consumers. Not only do we give wider access of the Japanese market to international startups and crowdfunding support, but we are also both a creative and digital agency and offer the best of both worlds.


Not Looking For Crowdfunding?

We offer businesses with innovative products to sell on our newly launched e-commerce website! If you are unsure of how people will react to your product, you can see how well it will sell on our website. Our main focus’ are digital and technological products for everyday life, which you can browse on our e-commerce website here.


Not Selling Products?

No problem! We offer public relations (PR) services as well. Last year, ONE Championship, Asia’s largest global sports media, contacted us to help them with their press conference in Japan (which you can check out here and here) to announce the first ONE Championship event in Japan and introduce notable Japanese athletes. Our qualified team will make sure your event goes through smoothly.


As you can see, we offer professional guidance and have many close connections with major media outlets, in which will lead to your success. We can help your company successfully launch into the Japanese market. Contact us today at info@gloture.co.jp to expand your presence in Japan!