Top Tech Gadget Websites Japanese Consumers Turn To

With so many tech products out there in the market, it is difficult to tell what Japanese consumers gravitate towards to. With hundreds of blog, media, and e-commerce websites out there, we have compiled a list of some of the top websites people look to for recommendations, opinions, and reviews. These websites will keep you up to date with everything you need to know.


Media Websites


Image result for gizmodo logo

Gizmodo Japan has been around since 2006 and they cover a wide range of technology, science, and design news . Their Youtube channel consists of reviews on new and upcoming products. The best part of their reviews? They quickly get straight to the point and tell you all the pros and cons within a minute or so. If you are a gadget lover, then Gizmodo is a great blog to follow if you like quick brief facts on the latest gadgets.


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Engadget is a U.S. multilingual technology blog that currently operates under their parent company Verizon Media. Not only do they review consumer electronics and gadgets, but they occasionally  feature talented manga artists and journalists. It is a great blog to discover not only tech products, but news updates on the latest breakthroughs and games as well.



TechCrunch Japan is one of the top media outlet that introduces startups, review new internet products, and covers tech business industry news. Just like Engadget, it is also operating under Verizon Media. It is known as one of the most popular tech blogs out there with about 2.25 million website visits (about 94% of the visits are from Japan), so rest assured you will be kept up with the latest tech news.

Image result for livedoor news logoAlthough Livedoor News covers multiple topics, they do have a specific category for tech gadget news and updates (which you can check out here). Livedoor News has about 105 million website visits (about 97% of the visits are from Japan) and has established itself in the media as a relevant source of news and information.


Best E-Commerce Websites (for tech gadgets)

Of course we all know the big e-commerce platforms (Amazon, Yahoo, Rakunew) that dominate the market, however there are some unique ones where you can find more interesting products that are also wallet friendly as well.


iPhone Case Cover AppBank Store

Looking for cute cases for your iPhone? Need an external battery for Pokemon Go? Look no further, the AppBank Store is here for all your smartphone needs. However, they mainly focus on selling iPhone cases, but they do have many accessories as well that isn’t just catered to Apple users. On top of that, they keep up with the latest smartphone news on their blog so that their readers can be updated with the top gadgets for their smartphones.

They also have a fun Youtube channel that has over 1.5 million subscribers where their spokesperson Max Murai does mobile game reviews, gameplays, and exploring new things that range anywhere from unique foods to fun challenges.


ASCII store

If there is one place I had to recommend to find all your mobile device needs, this is the place. The ASCII store has EVERYTHING. Unlike AppBank Store, they don’t limit themselves to just Apple users. They also have household items, laptop, vehicle, and many more accessories for your everyday necessities.


Gloture is a different kind of e-commerce website; Gloture gives a platform for successful foreign crowdfunded products an opportunity to launch in the Japanese market. Its products focus on tech gadgets and life-hack items to improve peoples’ everyday lives. It is a great website to look for unique interesting products as we are looking for new products everyday to promote. Definitely a cool website to checkout if you are looking for gifts.


Although all websites mentioned are in Japanese, it is clear that these sites are some the top sources that people look to for relevant tech information and products. Japan has one of the largest middle income population, which means there is a lot of disposable income. At the end of the day, the best way to market is understanding what aspects of tech gadgets the public is looking for.

If you’re a tech company that has high hopes of entering the Japanese market successfully but unsure of what to create, Gloture can help. You don’t have to feel apprehensive about stepping into unfamiliar territory, and you are certainly not alone. We can help your company successfully launch into the Japanese market. Contact us today at to expand your presence in Japan!